Today I will talk about an invented story, I hope you like it !

  • One day, there was a broken down pizza delivery vehicle, in Kikiwaka. Kikiwaka has just got trees and flat land. Realy, it is just in the middle of nowhere.

The man in the pizza vehicle tried to ring the garage, but there was no signal. Then                the man saw a bus stop, but no bus. After that he had an idea and he went to the bus              stop and a second later a bus came very fast, and then the pizza man looked at the                  bus and there wasn’t anybody. He said “`hello anybody in ? ´´, and after that, a                        mysterious stranger came out of nowhere or maybe from of the back of the bus and                started talking to the pizza man understood, “if you give me something to eat, I will              fix your back wheel´´. The pizza man asked him why would you want something to                eat ?.  And the other one said: “I have hade nothing to eat for five days´´. So the                      pizza man gave him 3 pizzas and he fixed the wheel. Finaly, the pizza man got home              and he was never going to go to Kikiwake again.



I think it has changed people’s lives because now you can call anybody and you can do most anything with it like: work, pictures, videos… And before when you wanted to call, you hade to go outside to a phone box, and now it is in your pocket. The bad things about cell phones are that people spend a lot of time on it inside the house, and they shoud be outside playing in the fresh air, or outside doing something.




I think it is changing very fast because before, the films were black and white, and now there is all the colours in the world. You can now watch them on your phone, on the computer…


Now, you can make movies easier and cheaper; that’s better for the people. Becose before it was harder to make them, and there wasn’t a lot of movies and films made.

A long time a go in some movies there wasn’t any talking and it was just all acting. Now the authors, the background scenes and even the music can be made and produced on a computer.

The technology has improved and now there are many of special efects like: 3D, 2D, 4D. All this has improved because pepole are getting more and more clever.video-1668906_1920